Lost or Damaged Your Car Keys? Soon This Won’t Be a Problem!

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Toyota Financial Services (TFS) helps drivers with lost, stolen, or damaged car keys get back on the road with its new Key Replacement Protection product.
Advanced technology from today’s modern car keys offer additional security and convenience, but this can add to the cost to replace a vehicle key.
“Today’s vehicle technology is great for consumers,” said Karen Ideno, vice president of Product & Marketing, Toyota Financial Services. “Unfortunately, this sometimes comes with a high cost to replace. We know key replacement can be stressful for our customers, and we’re happy to now offer a solution.”
To help alleviate the potential financial impact of customers’ lost, stolen or damaged keys, Toyota Financial Services/Lexus Financial Services (TFS/LFS) is launching its newest protection product – Key Replacement, built and supported by the strength of Toyota and Lexus.
Key Replacement Protection Benefits include*:
  • Replacement of the covered vehicle key/remote if lost, damaged, or stolen, up to $800 per occurrence
  • Lock-out assistance to unlock the vehicle if your vehicle keys are lost, damaged, or stolen, up to $100 per occurrence
  • Towing assistance, up to $100 per occurrence
  • Taxi/rental vehicle/public transportation reimbursement, up to $75 per occurrence
  • Replacement benefit for additional nonprogrammable keys on the key ring, up to $250 per covered key claim for a total of up to three (3) occurrences
Key Replacement Protection has been added as an enhancement to the TFS/LFS Tire & Wheel program, and will be offered as a standalone product later this year. TFS has partnered with Safe-Guard Products International, an industry leader in administering vehicle protection products, to ensure quality service to Key Replacement Protection customers.
For more details, please visit www.toyotafinancial.com/TW or www.lexusfinancial.com/TW, or contact a participating Toyota or Lexus dealer.
We can’t help find your car keys, but we can take the stress out of replacing them!
*Coverage exclusions may apply as follows: 1) Replacement keys, if two (2) master keys were not received at the time of purchase/lease of the vehicle. 2) Replacement keys, if the damaged keys are covered by the manufacturer’s, repairer’s, or supplier’s warranty or recall. 3) Any costs associated when the vehicle key becomes inoperable due to malfunctioning, or a result of reprogramming of vehicle’s main body ECU. Please refer to the applicable service agreement or motor club membership for additional details of terms, conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions, transferability and cancelability. Plans are not available in all states. Coverage may vary by state. This product is optional, cancellable (see agreement terms) and not required to obtain credit.

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