Toyota – American Made!

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Sixty years ago, in 1957, Toyota Motor Sales began selling cars in the United States. It didn’t take long for manufacturing to begin, about 15 years later. Toyota has been building it’s legacy through dealerships, manufacturing and research and development.  

Toyota began manufacturing cars 30 years ago. Now, there are 10 manufacturing plants throughout the United States that employee roughly 136,000 Americans. These plants generate $22 billion direct investments in the United States. These plants have produced 25 million vehicles in the U.S. and continue to manufacture new vehicles. More than 470,100 jobs have been created through dealerships, plants and research and development.

Toyota is community driven.  In 2016, Toyota has given back over $850 million in donations throughout the United States. Employees have logged nearly 55,000 volunteer hours. We are invested; we’re always working hard to bring out the best in our communities.

At Toyota, community, family, and American made are very important to how we run our brand. Our communities give us so much and it is only right that we give back to them. Here is to another 30 years of designing, manufacturing and selling American made vehicles! 

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