LAG AAABA Baseball Update

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 As of today, the Laurel Auto Group baseball team that participates yearly in the
AAABA baseball league in Johnstown has 10 wins and 7 losses. After beginning the season undefeated through 7 games, the team has hit a bit of a rough patch, but with continued contributions from players across the board, the team expects to turn around it’s misfortune. Most of the players on the team came to the AAABA because of the great things that they’d been told about the Laurel Auto Group franchise, and they have not been disappointed.

From day one the players understood that the company was heavily committed to the team, and in order to prove that, LAG gave the players all sorts of gear for their personal use. Ranging from Louisville Slugger baseball bats all the way to Demarini brand backpacks, among all of the jerseys received by the players, the money poured into the gear for the players made some of them realize how much the baseball team meant to the company, even to the community of Johnstown.

When you come to a LAG baseball game at Point Stadium in downtown Johnstown, you understand why there are so many fans supporting the team. When you realize how many people really care about this team and this league in the Johnstown community, it can really put you in a state of awe. I personally was surprised when I overheard a few people talking during one of the first games. They knew every single player on the team by name, they knew what college the guys go to, where they’re from, their stats, it was incredible. LAG has 15 games left throughout the season, and thanks to a belief within the team, hard work, and good coaching, they believe that they can finish the season atop the league standings.

Travis C. Sanner

LAG Pitcher #26

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